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Energy Storage

Commercial & Industrial Battery Storage Systems

There has been huge progress in the development of storage batteries, resulting in increased performance and life expectancy at continually falling costs.

Battery storage systems work well in conjunction with renewable energy technologies such as solar, but they can also provide additional revenues, particularly in the commercial sector.

Potential revenue streams are:

  • Time shifting to maximise self-consumption
  • Time shifting for peak avoidance
  • Grid balancing services such as firm or enhanced frequency response (FFR/EFR)
  • Capacity Market
  • Grid support e.g. Short-Term Operating Reserve (STOR)
Solar panels in a city

Benefits of Solar PV

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Reduce your energy bills

Electricity generated at home can be used to power electrical appliances, reducing the amount of electricity you import and pay for from the grid.

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Reduced carbon footprint

An average-size home with a solar panels will save over one tonne of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year.

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Energy independance

Once you install your new solar system you become an energy generator and will have less reliance on the national grid.

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Return on investment

The SEG ensures homeowners with solar panels are paid for any excess renewable energy that is exported back to the National Grid.

New Build Housing, Battery Storage Systems

Residential battery systems are typically combined with solar PV systems, and allow the householder to increase self-consumption.

Surplus energy generated by a PV installation during the day when there is little demand can be used in the evening.

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