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Solar solutions for domestic properties

At EcoBuild, we are dedicated to delivering the best solar solutions to our customers.

We tailor each installation to the unique requirements of your property to ensure you get the best performance from your solar panels. Our installation service offers a seamless transition to clean and renewable energy, allowing you to reduce your energy bills and contribute to a greener future.

Our expertise brings years of experience to every installation, ensuring that your new panels are fitted safely and will last for many years to come.

Benefits of Solar PV

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Reduce your energy bills

Electricity generated at home can be used to power electrical appliances, reducing the amount of electricity you import and pay for from the grid.

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Reduced carbon footprint

An average-size home with a solar panels will save over one tonne of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every year.

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Energy independance

Once you install your new solar system you become an energy generator and will have less reliance on the national grid.

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Return on investment

The SEG ensures homeowners with solar panels are paid for any excess renewable energy that is exported back to the National Grid.

Recent projects from EcoBuild

EcoBuild provide installations for commercial businesses. Solar PV systems can be designed on the existing roof space that will help save money on utility bills and carbon emissions.

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